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Calories and Carbohydrates in the Weight Loss Diet

By: Jude Wright

Wouldn't it be great if someone invented a way for us to eat whatever we want and still maintain our perfect weight? Just fantasize about eating all of the potato chips, ice cream and pizza we could fit into our stomaches and not gain an ounce.

Yes, it would be a nice fantasy, but IF it should happen, it will be a long way into the future. In the meantime, we have to make our own decisions about what kinds of foods that we put into our bodies.

Thank about this:

Empty-calorie foods contain a very low nutrient/calorie ratio. This means that they have very few nutrients like vitamins and minerals in comparison to the number of calories they contain.

Consuming empty calorie foods is NOT a good choice when your are trying to lose weight. It is even more important to eat nutritious foods when you are eating fewer calories.

What kinds of empty-calorie foods should you avoid?

- Desserts like cake, pies, and cookies
- Ice cream
- Soft drinks (diet ones are okay)
- Potato chips

These foods are all are high in calories (high sugar/fat content) but contain almost no nutritional value.

Nutrient-dense foods, on the other hand, contain the vitamins and minerals that your body needs and should be chosen over empty calorie foods.

A healthy well balanced diet contains nutrient rich foods from the grain products group, along with vegetables and fruits. Choose meal plans that have rice, pasta, potatoes, or bread and then add vegetables and fruit, and lean meats. Limit the fats and sugars added in food preparation and at the table.

And What about Carbs?

The fact is that in any diet that you choose, you will still be eating carbohydrates. Of course, you can't eat only carbs. Consuming more of one kind of food while nothing from the other food groups, isn't at all healthy for our bodies. Our bodies require nutrients found in all of the five food groups to stay healthy and to work efficiently.

A sensible, well-balanced diet is now, has always been, and will always be the most permanent way to lose weight.

What IS a carbohydrate?

Carbs come in two forms:

(1) Starches, such as potatoes, rice, pasta, bread and cereal; and

(2) Sugars, such as pies, cakes, soft drinks. Sugars are also contained in fruits and vegetables. So you can see that there are good carbs and bad carbs.

The bad (non-nutritious) carbs are usually found in foods that aren't good for us. The good carbs are the ones we should choose for good health.

When choosing the calories you will consume from carbs, it is best to choose whole grain carbs.

Whole grains are not processed and still contain the bran and germ so they are higher in fiber and will keep you feeling full for longer time after meals. Choose whole wheat bread,whole wheat pasta and whole grain rice rather than white bread, regular pasta and white rice.

The carbs found in fruits and vegetables are classified as sugars but they are unrefined and are better for you.

The foods that are loaded with refined sugars should be avoided as much as possible no matter whether you are trying to lose weight or not.

If you pay attention to what kinds of calories and carbohydrates that you eat, you will have more success in your weight loss efforts.

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Would you like some FREE tips on losing weight,
and information on food and nutrition?
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