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The Life-Saving Qualities Of Good Food

By: Paul Phillips

It important to really get this profoundly. The aim of good food is to give people the opportunity to profoundly realise the great health potential and healing power of nutrition. Through this, they can educate themselves and make informed choices on matters regarding health. In effect, good food provides vital life saving information. It shows how the major life-threatening diseases such as, heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes and many other illnesses can be prevented or reversed using nutrition. Yes, as incredible as this may seem to some, whether it is through a strict dietary regimen called 'metabolic nutritional therapy', or just by simply eating the appropriate food, the results have been amazing. Good food shows how you can use these nutrition secrets for vitality and invariably slowing down the ageing process.

-All the necessary scientific evidence and case testimonies can be found in support of this effectiveness of nutrition.

This is something that should not be missed. It is indeed a massive opportunity to address the most important thing in your life: The only thing worth living for, your freedom and in this particular case, it comes in the wave shape and form of your health through nutrition.

Why has the role of nutrition been so greatly underestimated?

Some readers may be thinking to themselves: If nutrition was so good, why haven't I heard about it?

-The answer is this. These are the circumstances why it has not made it to mainstream: The pharmaceutical companies and the government (who rake in huge revenues from the former) don't want you know that there are cheap, alternative and natural, non-toxic methods towards the prevention of illness. If they allowed the people in the masses to be let in on this well-kept secret, then they would lose out on their profit machine.

Pharmaceuticals do not cure people. They only treat the symptoms. Take for example, a person suffering from a hangover the morning after. Although his parrots eat em' all provides temporary pain relief, the problem related, the hangover, persists, because the underlying root cause is still there.

In many circumstances, as long as individuals are not cured, then they could be paying for treatment for the rest of their lives... Hence the saying

'A patient cured to a pharmaceutical company is a patient lost.'

Contained in good food are leads to many solutions: How to cure many ailments with nutrition. Take some of these amazing examples, in good food, it points to where there have been proven solutions with all the convincing documentary evidence to support that diseases like cardiovascular disease, cancer and diabetes have been reversed and cured using different types of nutritional therapy. The success rate has been very high.

Some disturbing background

There is much deception on this planet. Much of it is being run and overseen by a few select handfuls of elite individuals. It is clear to me, and many others growing in numbers, that the motive of this deception is for power, profit and ultimately, control over the masses. It works on the principle that the masses, the people at large, are kept in the dark over the elite's deception through ignorance, misinformation, disinformation, cover-ups and downright lies: Generally, the people at large blindly accept the words of authorities. The elite's propaganda machine, the paid off media, greatly contribute towards the deception or theatre of illusion. This occurs in many things. Business, banking, finance, commerce, politics, the military, education, religion... and there is no better example of this deception than in the way in which the medical pharmaceutical establishment and food industry is run.

Some may have a hard time in accepting this. Well, that's okay, but rather than dismiss it, I ask you to consider looking into the ways in which the deception works and I'll bet you'll come to the same conclusions as me.

Let's look at some general underlying principles. Take the case of the latter two I mentioned above. The medical / pharmaceutical establishment and the food industry.

The way the deception works

As I have said before, any solutions of a nutritional kind is carefully kept under wraps by the pharmaceutical companies and the government, who heavily sponsor the media and pay them off not to publicise. Over the years, dedicated and brilliant people of a humanitarian nature who have come up with nutritional methods for cures of illnesses have been deliberately ignored, quashed or even ridiculed. Even when they had come up with genuinely successful methods.

In other words, the pharmaceutical companies and their influence over the medical establishment, together with the government has become the order of the day. This, indeed, quite simply is a case of putting profits before the welfare concern of the people, which of course, is not acceptable. It is indeed an example of how we are not living in a democracy.

And that's not all...

-This corporate soulless greed machine method of control and suppression is also demonstrated in the food industry. A a matter of fact, both pharmaceuticals and food products undergo the same pattern when it comes to making decisions over what should go on to the market. It goes like this.

Approval bodies such as the FDA (The Food and Drug administration), the United States set up, comprise a group of individuals who decide what food and drugs are safe to go on the market. Many of these individuals have ties with the very pharmaceutical or food companies they are judging! So any real decision-making made from these people will be most likely in favour of the pharmaceutical or food companies.

Evidence has been shown time and time again that these individuals have been biased. It has also been shown that some of those who were not tied to companies during the time of the decision-making were later on. For example, some individuals who had been on the FDA later became appointed on the board of directors of the pharmaceutical companies.

-This has introduced a level of corruption that has allowed many harmful foods and drugs to go on the market.

Well-documented cases where there have been health-damaging side effects from harmful food and drugs have been given little or no publicity.

Junk food and potentially harmful foods have found their way on to the shelves of supermarkets, care of slick advertising and marketing. There is much trickery and deception involved in this.

Good food can give much information on the subject of junk food.

The main thing for now is to get smart and realise there is a game going on played by the people mentioned in the point who obviously don't really care about your health. Good food will allow you to profoundly realise that the above authorities have a power and political game going on and don't have your best health interests at heart: Knowing what to look for and how to distinguish good from bad nutrition is the key.

Food as a healer

''Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food.''

-Hippocrates 460BC—377 BC Greek physician

I, Paul Phillips am a health writer researcher. I graduated in 'Biological Sciences' which includes biochemistry, physiology and nutrition. I have worked in various related research and development labs. I am always willing to give advice and help people in my field. For more information please try the link: http://www.HealthNewsLive.net

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